Timing It Just Right!


Timing is one of the major factors to consider with any wedding. Bride & Grooms chat in detail with me a month before their wedding so together we can work out the timing.

How can you be sure you have organised everything to ensure you make it to the ceremony on time? This issue is usually more of a concern for the girls because they have hair and make-up appointments. It doesn’t matter if you travel to the hair and make-up artists or if they come to you – timing is important.

The more girls needing to have their hair and make-up done, the more an issue time will be. No one wants to be stressed on their wedding day because they are running late to the ceremony!

My advice to brides is to talk to the hair and make-up artist about the timing carefully. Ask them how much time they need to guarantee you will be finished on time. Then if you have to travel to them – add this time as well. That way, you can allow enough time to get home again.

It isn’t a bad idea to add another twenty minutes to your timing, so you have a little time up your sleeve. Another idea is to delegate a member of the bridal party to keep an eye on their watch. This way you can relax knowing everything has been well organised and someone is keeping an eye on the time for you.

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2 thoughts on “Timing It Just Right!”

  1. Hair and make up may take a while to do, so try to have something to eat, and water to drink while it is being done. We don’t want the bride to fade away during the ceremony. At least not as a result of no food and drink. Dress will still fit with small meal intake on the day.
    Ask the hair dresser/make up artist if they provide food/drinks, or if you can bring something along. Good luck on your day and future for ever.

  2. Hi Jannikke, thank you for leaving a comment and how lovely to hear from you.

    I found it interesting that you commented on this subject.

    Jannikke being Norwegian got married in Bergen, Norway a couple of years ago and I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her and Rune’s wedding.

    Norwegians have a very different ‘getting ready’ custom too Australians. Instead of the girls getting ready at home (either their home or the bride’s parents) it is traditional in Norway to get ready and leave from the hair dressing salon.

    Norwegian hair salon’s often have private bridal rooms with lounges and kitchenetts were all the girls and the bride’s parents relax while getting their hair and make up done.

    Jannikke I really enjoyed your getting ready custom and think it is a fantastic idea, Maybe hair salon’s might start offering that kind of service here in Australia.

    Jannike by the way have you seen my new website? Your testimony is still there but I am using a slightly larger photograph than before. Here is the link if you would like to have a look.


    Say hi to Rune for me.


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