A Church Wedding Ceremony and Photographers

If a church ceremony is what you have your heart set on, then you will want to read on.

What I recommend couples do, is to discuss with the church minister about his or her views on  photographers taking photographs during the ceremony.

Will the minister allow flash in the church? If the church was built in the last thirty years there is a good chance it has fluorescent lighting (which is not a great light source for photography). If the church is illuminated by fluorescent lighting and the minister doesn’t allow flash inside the church, then you need to check if this will be a problem for your photographer.

I suggest you confirm these questions with your minister too:

1) Are there areas inside the church the photographer is not allowed to take photographs?

2) Are there any times during the ceremony that the photographer is not allowed to take photographs?

Confirming these questions with your minister will give you information to share with your photographer. Chat with your photographer about the church’s policies to see if they will affect what you had visualised your wedding photography inside the church to look like.

Do this before you walk down the aisle and you won’t have to worry about the minister getting annoyed at the photographer during the ceremony.

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2 thoughts on “A Church Wedding Ceremony and Photographers”

  1. Sarhn – Thanks for touching base. It looks like you are an incredible photographer (which is hard to find!). Being a minister who performs many weddings, I appreciate those questions you posed in this post. Here are my two cents;

    I appreciate when the photographer asks if there are any limitations to flash, location etc… I always tell them “do whatever the bride/groom wants you to do” because this is their day and myself and the photographer are there to make it memorable. Some churches don’t allow people in certain areas (not mine) and it is very respectful to stay away from these areas.

    The only request I have for photographers is that they try not to be a distraction. I don’t mind them walking around, taking pictures over my shoulder etc … but if they become a distraction and take away from the ceremony … I get a little annoyed (and so does the couple)

    Finally – I always ask/tell the photographer that I really don’t mind if they ask the couple to pose during the cermoney (excluding the vows/rings) this would be during the lighting of the unity candle, signing the registry, when they first get on stage. This is the only time they get married (hopefully) and I don’t mind “staging” some of the pictures if they want.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thank you for your comments. I think it is very important as a photographer to be respectful while photographing during the ceremony.

    I totally agree with everything you have said so thank you for your ‘two cents’.

    I like to make a point of introducting myself to the minister (and celebrant) before the ceremony commences. Assuring them that I will be unobtrusive and to confirm again all these questions with them.

    Who knows, one day we may even be working at a wedding together Brad.

    Keep enjoying your weddings.


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