A Winter Wedding in Sydney?

Leaving the city for the country to get married!

Winter is now upon us, which means summer’s harsh light has been replaced with the softest light of the year!!  I believe we are lucky in Sydney, Australia to have so much sunlight in winter.  Just think of poor Norway being cold and dark the whole time in winter.

Softer light in winter is one reason why I would recommend anyone to think about having their wedding in winter (in Sydney and most of Australia).  Softer light is merciful & kind, making it a fantastic light source for wedding photography.

Another reason to consider hosting your wedding in winter is the possible financial savings.  Many suppliers (including myself) offer large discounts for ‘off peak’ weddings.  ‘Off peak’ being weddings held in the winter months and or held Monday through to Thursday.  Friday weddings held outside of winter is still considered by many suppliers to be peak period, as there are so many weddings held on Fridays.

I don’t know……… maybe it is the romantic in me but I love winter weddings.  I remember a winter wedding held on the Southern Highlands (about 2 hours south of Sydney) in the country area.  Picture the guests gathering around the glow of log fires in this gorgeous restored homestead.  Large double glazed windows keeping the warmth in while show casing the roving hills and country side beyond.

Sure this may not be everyone’s dream wedding but if nothing else it is worth considering.

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5 thoughts on “A Winter Wedding in Sydney?”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Yes it was a really beautiful wedding. One that has stood out in my memory. The reception venue which this wedding story was referring too was ‘Peppers Manour House’.

    Here is the website http://www.peppers.com.au/Manor-House

    A tip however Nicole was that this is a guest house which means if your guests don’t fill the whole hotel you will probably be sharing the venue with other staying guests.

    This may not bother you but I thought I better mention it.

    Hope it helps

  2. Norway is a good place if you wany a winter wedding! Its not cold and dark all the time, only from ca. 5 pm until 9 am 🙂 Norway is a beautiful place!

  3. Hi old bride,

    Your preaching to the converted. I love Norway! Been there a number of times to visit your country on a holiday and also to photograph a wedding. I still thought however couple’s in Norway mainly got married in Spring and Summer.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Takk (Norwegian for thanks)


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