10 Top General Wedding Tips


1.                   My number one tip for any bride & groom is to get everything in writing!  If your wedding reception coordinator makes a passing comment at a meeting that they will throw bridal table flowers in for free, email them the next day to confirm the conversation.


2.                   Get organised early.  Have a ‘wedding’ folder for your email inbox with sub folders for photography, reception etc.  Every single email you receive then can be safely filed to be easily found later.  Also have a box or folder to keep all paper receipts, quotes and information.  Keep everything all together.


3.                   Many will not be used to being the center of attention all day.  It can be a little overwhelming.  So expect some nerves and at times tension.  Remember to breath deeply when you feel stress rising.  Plan for time out during your day.  Read more on this.


4.                   Put together a time table then show it to your wedding suppliers (photographers, car drivers) to ensure it is realistic.


5.                   Ensure your wedding suppliers have personalities you will want around you on your wedding day. 


6.                   Have fun not only on the day but enjoy the journey of planning your wedding.


7.                   Do some research on costs before setting your budget.  This will help ensure your budget is realistic and less likely to blow out.


8.                   Don’t expect perfection – it is exhausting and out of your control.


9.                   Come up with a ‘to do check list’ for;  1-3 months before the wedding, 4 weeks before the wedding, 3 weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before, day before, wedding day and after the wedding.


10.               Your wedding day will fly.  Be ‘present’ during the day and savour every moment so it doesn’t all become a blur.




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