Wedding Day Beauty

Lynne O’Brien is one of Australia’s most recognised and popular make up and hair artists in the film industry.

Lynne takes care of many celebrity’s beauty needs not only on the film set but also on their wedding day. I asked Lynne to share some of her wedding beauty ideas for Wedding Planning Tips’ readers.


Lynne’s response:

“Every single Bride (and if the truth be known … Groom) wants to look beyond amazing on that day. Sure you may choose a simple dress and want to look the ‘same you’ that your partner fell in love with but you will still want the most incredible version thereof the world has ever seen.

This is your chance to be the star and have all of it’s accoutrements.

Make up is something that has to be booked ahead to make sure you are taken care of. But who? Which one? Sometimes a good standard is to ask a finicky friend (you know some one not pleased easily) and ask if they were happy with their make up person. Or find a makeup person with a strong history. Remember years after your wedding is finished and you are on your tenth wedding anniversary the few things you will always have will be the photographic evidence, make up and hair, your dress and a confident and relaxed smile on your face in the photos knowing you look your best.

Remember the one thing is to leave nothing to chance … just because it worked for a friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. Spend the time to

Things to remember … Just from the beauty perspective

  • Facial – more than 7 days prior so no break outs immediately before the wedding day.
  • Spray Tan – 3 days before (this way excess has washed off and you are still left with a good colour for the wedding day and the honeymoon (remember to test spray tans prior to the wedding day a few times and choose the one you are the most happy with as each spray tan varies vastly from the other due to the brand and the applicator).
  • Test hair colour and style prior to day (no surprises) . A bit of pre planning goes a long way.”

You can personally contact Lynne for your own wedding hair, beauty and make up needs.




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9 thoughts on “Wedding Day Beauty”

  1. Facial – more than 7 days prior so no break outs immediately before the wedding day.-Great tip, I’m going to share this at, thanks!

  2. Facial – more than 7 days prior so no break outs immediately before the wedding day.-Great tip, I’m going to share this at, thanks!

  3. @ aw12 thanks for the comments. I’ll pass your thoughts onto Lynne.

    @ wrt thanks for reading and I am sure Lynne would be happy for you to pass it on.

    Hey Lynne if your reading, looks as if your tips has created a bit of interest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with my readers.

    Stay tunned for another post that Lynne and I are working on together. Lynne is going to do a make over and I am going to photograph the before and after. The subject will be no other then me. 🙂 Should be fun. 🙂


  4. Hi Heartburn Home Remedy, boy you have been busy today. I just noticed your comment on my green blog too (

    I am sure Lynne would be happy to direct you in the right place or assist you herself (her email address is provided).

    I will be adding other posts in the future about this subject.


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