Things to Remember to take with you on your Wedding Day!

I write this post from my sunny balcony overlooking the ocean in Thailand (enjoying some time out).  Back in Sydney soon……..



8 Things to Remember to take with you on your Wedding Day – for the girls:



1)     Lipstick for touch up’s during the day.

2)     Hankie or tissues (there may be tears).

3)     Your speech notes for the reception.

4)     Bobby hairpins.  This is especially a good idea if it is a windy day, as your hair and veil my give you some issues.

5)     Needle and thread.  I don’t see bride’s doing this much anymore but from time to time a button will come off or a hem comes down.

6)     Band-aids for the back of your shoes when you can’t take it anymore.

7)     Maybe a sugar lolly or two, which you may need especially if you suffer, low blood pressure (it can be awhile till dinner).

8)     Along the lines of the band-aids, you may consider taking some comfortable slip on shoes when you are ready to ditch your high heels.


8 Things to Remember to take with you on your Wedding Day – for the boys:


1)     Your speech notes for the reception.

2)     Safety pins because often the florist doesn’t supply enough or strong enough pins to secure the boys flowers to their jackets.

3)     The rings (don’t laugh as forgetting the ring happens more often than you think).

4)     Refreshments for after the ceremony.  Sometimes the hire cars will offer this as part of their service.  You will appreciate been given a drink of wine, water or soft drink along with crackers and cheese as soon as you arrive at the photography location.

5)     Wedding day schedule.  Everyone has some kind of list or timetable for the running of the day.  If you do, don’t leave it at home.

6)     Mobile phone numbers of the photographer, wedding hire cars, videographer, minister/celebrant, ceremony musicians and reception venue.

7)     Are you walking down or up the aisle to your own favourite music?  Don’t forget the CD!

8)     If for some reason you go over your allocated time for the hire cars (e.g. the bride was running late, photographer took longer than they should etc), they may ask you to pay the extra amount when you arrive at the reception.  Make sure you leave with some cash in your wallet for these unexpected expenses.

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Timing It Just Right!


Timing is one of the major factors to consider with any wedding. Bride & Grooms chat in detail with me a month before their wedding so together we can work out the timing.

How can you be sure you have organised everything to ensure you make it to the ceremony on time? This issue is usually more of a concern for the girls because they have hair and make-up appointments. It doesn’t matter if you travel to the hair and make-up artists or if they come to you – timing is important.

The more girls needing to have their hair and make-up done, the more an issue time will be. No one wants to be stressed on their wedding day because they are running late to the ceremony!

My advice to brides is to talk to the hair and make-up artist about the timing carefully. Ask them how much time they need to guarantee you will be finished on time. Then if you have to travel to them – add this time as well. That way, you can allow enough time to get home again.

It isn’t a bad idea to add another twenty minutes to your timing, so you have a little time up your sleeve. Another idea is to delegate a member of the bridal party to keep an eye on their watch. This way you can relax knowing everything has been well organised and someone is keeping an eye on the time for you.

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