Parking concerns for St Patricks Estate Manly – the Cardinal Cerretti Chapel


I regularly meet with a number of wedding photographers in Sydney. For many years we have looked at each other not as competitors but colleagues and support. By sharing knowledge, ideas and sometimes techniques we believe we all benefit.

One such meeting, we were talking about the Cerretti Chapel in Manly. If you have ever been to Manly you would have seen this church; sitting high above Manly on the hill in all it’s grandeur.

Two of the photographers mentioned that they had just recently (in the last two weeks) photographed a wedding at this church and parking had been a huge issue.

Parking has always been supplied to wedding guests & suppliers across the road in the school yard. Both photographers shared that now parking wasn’t supplied and said that wedding couples were asked to pay extra for this service.

The photographers thought that as this has just been introduced (free parking had always been supplied) that perhaps the couples didn’t know or it was too late to budget for it.

For whatever reason parking wasn’t supplied and guests had no where to park. If you have ever tried parking up that end of Darley Road in Manly you will know how hard parking can be, especially with Manly hospital being right across the road.

Both photographers mentioned that out of concern that they were going to miss the ceremony, they drove into the grounds of the church but were sent away. They were told “no parking is allowed on the grounds for any quest or wedding supplier”.

I have decided not to place my own opinion on this new policy especially as I do not know if it is the school or church that has brought it in.

However I do feel it is important to let wedding couples know about the new parking policy, as like me I would have assumed free parking was provided just like all the years before.


St Patricks Estate in Manly



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