Sydney’s dust storm provides interesting light

Like every Sydneysider today, I awoke and looked out my window and thought ‘Oh my goodness what is going on?’.

The huge dust storm that swept across inner NSW then Canberra, reach Sydney early this morning.

With the rich reds you couldn’t help yourself being amazed at the colour of the light (and I don’t believe it is just a photographer thing).

My attention then turned to the weekend weddings by thinking ‘what if this is the weather we will have for Saturday and Sunday’s weddings?’

With that I picked up my camera and started to have a look at what creative photographs could be taken in this light (assuming the bride and groom would even want to go outside in this weather).

This was the view from our front room office at 8.00am this morning.  May I add no enhancements have been added,  just the wonder of light in a red dust storm.

View from our office window of Sydney's dust storm


 This footage of the dust storm from our office window was taken on a Canon 5D mark 2 camera (the one with live view and video functions).

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