Photography at Fairlight Beach, Sydney

Fairlight Beach (in suburb of Fairlight) is positioned about 20 minutes walking distance, west of the suburb Manly in Sydney (Australia).

Even though the main beach of Fairlight is really only visited by locals it can still get busy.  However there is a little secret area within Fairlight Beach and it is this little private area / beach that I like to photograph at.

This hidden gem of a beach is a wonderful spot for a wedding ceremony, wedding bridal party photography or a family portrait.

The slide show below will help you find this cute little Sydney beach.   Also included at the end of the slide show, are photographs taken at this exact spot.

Fairlight beach really is a magical spot within Sydney.

Hope you like it too.

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Secret Sydney wedding locations no 2 – Fairlight Beach


Well it isn’t the main Fairlight Beach that I am referring too. Even though the main Fairlight beach is really only visited by locals it can still get busy.

The beach I am referring too is only about 50 metres away from the main Fairlight beach area. It is hidden these days with long grass like plants and you need to walk over rocks to get there. For these reasons I have always had this beach to myself, even on a Saturday in the middle of summer!

This post will help you find this cute little Sydney beach. Also included is a slide show from a recent wedding.  The photographs were taken at this exact location after the ceremony was held at the Norwegian Church in Fairlight.

This smaller beach in Fairlight would make a perfect, intimate location for a wedding ceremony.





Google Fairlight Beach, Sydney map






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