Wedding Reception Seating Planning

Yesterday I received an email from Charmaine, who asks “I was just wondering would you know of any seat planning and organising the reception materials you can download or something like that”?

Great topic idea Charmaine, for the first post of 2009!

With this I decided to do a little research of my own.  I found some great posts, already written on planning wedding reception seating.


Wedding Blog 

Brilliant Wedding Pages  


Looking on the company Smart Draw’s website, I found what looked to be a free download of their seating planning software.  It may just be a free trial and it looks as if it would be suited for large event management requirements.  Thought however for larger weddings it may be helpful.

Some different wedding reception seating arrangement ideas I have personally come across:


  • Bride & groom have a table to themselves while the bridal party sit on the guest tables.
  • Bride & groom move onto different tables throughout the night.  This would mean the bridal couple would share their entre, main meal and desert with different people.
  • Placing the photographer at the bridal table (this actually happened to me on one wedding.  I have to admit it was a lovely gesture but I felt that I shouldn’t have been on the table).
  • Bride & groom with the bridal party and their partners all on one table.
  • Bride & groom with their parents on the bridal table with the bridal party sitting with their partners on the guest tables.
  • Everyone sitting on the one very long table i.e. bride, groom and all guests together. (King Edward of England style)
  • No actual seating plans.  When guests walked into the reception they selected where they wanted to sit.
  • Picnic style.  Everyone sat on pillows, blankets etc.  The room was beautifully decorated with a bohemian theme.




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