Being ‘Present’ On Your Wedding Day

Firstly I wanted to say sorry for my little absence on this blog.  We were having some internet and computer issues at work.  Even though I have other forms of internet access like my black berry, the extra work curriculum; like writing blogs was difficult.  For me it felt like I had fallen off the face of the internet world i.e. two weeks without checking facebook, blogs etc is a very long time!


The topic of this post is one I try to bring up in conversation with all my wedding couples before their wedding day.  ‘Helping couples not only survive their wedding but thoroughly enjoy it’ is my mission behind all I write for this blog.


Days, weeks, months and even years can go into planning a wedding.  Everyone’s day will be different but every couple will desire to enjoy their wedding day. 


Unless you are a celebrity, it will be unlikely that you will have experienced total attention from all your family and friends at the same time and for a whole day.  For many couples it can be a little overwhelming at times.


I expect that the attention is also one of the major reasons why many couples after their wedding day will say “our wedding day flew by so fast”.  Sadly many couples will share with me that the wedding day was one long blur as it went by so fast.


Stop and think about this for just a quick second as I can imagine no one really wants their wedding memories to be a blur.


How can you stop this from being your wedding reality too?


I believe it is about being ‘present’.  Being consciously aware of what is happening around you and savouring the experience.  By allowing all your senses to be activated. 


Listen intently to conversations.  Feel the wind in your hair and sun on your face as you walk to the car.  Take deep breaths while smelling the fragrance of your wedding bouquet. Taste the texture and flavour of your wedding cake in your mouth.


Of course your sight will be your number one active sense on your day.  If however you ignore your other senses you may very well miss out on the full wedding day experience.


By being consciously prepared to allow your senses to take in all that is around you on your wedding day, will help you not only enjoy your wedding day but also help you to remember all the wonderful memories.




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