Seven things to do before putting your wedding dress on!

Believe me, I have heard many times these bride’s words “oh no I have forgot to…..” straight after stepping into her dress.


Though you may think this list of ‘forget me nots’ obvious, let me assure you that they are easy to overlook and forget during the excitement of getting ready.

  1. Go to the toilet even if you don’t need to go, as it may be awhile until you get another opportunity (might even be the reception).
  2. Put your deodorant on and allow for drying time.
  3. Eat!  Your wedding day is not the time for low blood pressure or passing out due to hunger.
  4. Be sure you are wearing the lingerie you wanted to wear (and not your comfortable yet unattractive attire).
  5. Many brides have found wearing their shoes while putting their dress on, is easier than putting their shoes on later (especially if wearing a larger traditional dress).
  6. Brush your teeth.  You may not be keen to do this after your make up is finished but if you intend to brush, it is a good idea to do so before your dress is on.  
  7. Though not imperative for the bridesmaids to be dressed before the bride, however I feel it is better for photography.


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