Create Wedding Thank You Cards – Event

Imagine how easy it would be to send your wedding thank you cards out to your family and friends, if you could send real cards through your computer!

Well you can and couples do!

I am holding an event in North Sydney which explains just that – how to create and post physical greeting cards through your computer to any  letter box in the world (not a tacky e-card but a real card!)

This information night is FREE for guests (that’s you).

What will you learn?

  • How to use your own computer, photographs and handwriting to create physical greeting cards online (press send and your card is printed and posted for you).
  • How you can use the greeting card website in your personal life, business or career.
  • Even how it is possible to make additional money using the website.

The Details?


Thursday the 2nd of December 2010 7.00pm – 8.30pm


The Living Room (Restaurant, Bar & Runctions)
Greenwood Plaza Rooftop
36 Blue Street
North Sydney

Car Parking?

Greenwood Plaza Car Park (Purple Level)
Evening Entry on Thursday after 6pm to closing (3am next morning) is $10 flat fee.
(The majority of street parking is metered until 6pm.  Best street parking is on Miller St, Blues Point Pd or Gas Lane)

Public Transport?

Bus Details
Greenwood Plaza is conveniently located in the hub of the North Sydney CBD.  Major bus stops are located along surrounding roads of Greenwood Plaza (Pacific Highway, Miller Street and Blue Street) and are optional 7 days a week.

Train Details
North Sydney train station is directly linked to Greenwood Plaza on the Metrol Level near SES.

** If you can’t make this event but are interested to know more about the greeting card website (which allows you to create and post cards through your computer),  send me an email – I would love to share it with you.