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Wedding Photography Slide Shows now with Video Footage

Around June of this year, I purchased the new Canon 5D mark II SLR camera.  This was the first of the Canon professional range to come out with ‘Live View’.  Live view now gives the professional ‘still’ photographer, the ability to capture high definition video footage during a wedding while at the same time capture traditional photographs.

Very quickly I realised that as a professional photographer, I won’t have long before my customers and their wedding guests realise that a professional photographer can take video as well as still photographs.  Why is this important to know?  Well I believe that for a short time I have an ability to take very candid video footage because my wedding clients would not be expecting me to take video from my normal looking professional SLR camera.  This of course allows me to capture and create something very special and unique for my wedding couples.

Paul & Kelly got married on the 26th of September at the Balmoral Beach rotanda.  Photographs were taken around Balmoral Beach then a quick stop over at the Sydney Opera House for some more wedding photographs.  Their reception was at Bavarian Beer Cafe at Fox Studios.

I wanted to surprise Paul & Kelly by capturing some footage of their reception and add it into their wedding slide show.  Paul & Kelly only expected to see their wedding photographs that I captured for them but were so excited and surprised when they saw actual video footage of the reception as well.

Paul & Kelly have been very kind to allow me to share their wedding slide show on the  Sarhn McArthur Photography Facebook profile

Thank you Paul & Kelly.

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Wedding Photography Collection

This is my second last day at work before I head overseas for a nice little holiday.

I thought for something different, I would upload a slide show of wedding photographs that I have taken over the years.  Some of the photographs are very recent, while others were taken a little while ago but as they are my favourites, I added them too.

I return to Australia and back in the office on the 3rd of December!

Hope you like the show!

Weddings at Lavender Bay Sydney?

Within North Sydney, there is a little area known as Lavender Bay.  Over the years this small area of North Sydney, has become a favourite location for wedding photography and wedding ceremonies.

There are two Churches in Lavender Bay.  Christ Church which is Anglican and St Francis Xavier with is Catholic.

For photography, a great spot is down by the water of Lavender Bay.  The entrance into the park can be hard to find from Lavender Street (if it is your first visit).  Also it is really important to know that many larger cars like limos will find it very hard to enter the park.  If you are wanting your photography to be captured at Lavender Bay, I always highly recommend my couples tell their wedding car company, that we are going to Lavender Bay.  Make sure they have checked out the entrance and small road leading down through the park, if they have not been there before!

I have put together a slide show of photographs captured at both Lavender Bay churches and photographs captured down by the water.

Usually I have only ever seen one or two other bridal parties down at Lavender Bay while I have been photographing.  However I have to be honest and say the last time I was photographing a wedding at Lavender Bay,  there would have been about eight other bridal parties having their photographs taken at the same time.  Lavender Bay isn’t as secret as it used to be years ago but if you visit, you will understand why the word has gotten out.

Lavender Bay is a gorgeous spot for a wedding!

Map Lavender Bay Sydney

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Sydney’s dust storm provides interesting light

Like every Sydneysider today, I awoke and looked out my window and thought ‘Oh my goodness what is going on?’.

The huge dust storm that swept across inner NSW then Canberra, reach Sydney early this morning.

With the rich reds you couldn’t help yourself being amazed at the colour of the light (and I don’t believe it is just a photographer thing).

My attention then turned to the weekend weddings by thinking ‘what if this is the weather we will have for Saturday and Sunday’s weddings?’

With that I picked up my camera and started to have a look at what creative photographs could be taken in this light (assuming the bride and groom would even want to go outside in this weather).

This was the view from our front room office at 8.00am this morning.  May I add no enhancements have been added,  just the wonder of light in a red dust storm.

View from our office window of Sydney's dust storm


 This footage of the dust storm from our office window was taken on a Canon 5D mark 2 camera (the one with live view and video functions).

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The Newest Doltone Wedding Reception Venue is going ‘Green’

News media release about Doltone’s newest waterfront wedding reception/event centre at Darling Island Wharf which is set to launch in October 2009:

Doltone House is pioneering a green approach to building construction, design, materials and operation in Sydney.

Situated on the stunning Sydney waterfront, Doltone House’s newest venue Darling Island Wharf has been crafted by green-minded industry experts to become part of the first six-star green-star rated building, workplace6, in New South Wales. Workplace6 is only the second building in Australia to obtain this coveted certification, and this six-star green-star rating represents the world’s best practices in sustainability.

Darling Island Wharf incorporates a fresh food and wine emporium complete with open kitchen, a buzzing café, intimate meeting rooms and an 800 seated capacity event space – an inspirational and unique project from the team at Doltone House. Paul Signorelli, Managing Director of Doltone House, was inspired by the environmental initiatives of Workplace6. “Our plans for the internal fit out were specifically created to complement those of the building. By adopting and expanding on the green philosophies of the building itself, Doltone House aims to lead the way into the future by providing the greenest venue in Sydney.”

Workplace 6 reduces greenhouse emissions by 70% compared to a normal office building. In harmony with this, the interior of Darling Island Wharf is clad in a variety of ‘environmentally honest’ and durable materials: recycled, green-minded, low-toxin emitting and built to last. Eco-ply flooring and stone are the obvious green materials used throughout the site –yet even the carpet in the event centre has green credentials. The event centre bar is made from a durable marble with a high quality finish, while a counter crafted from recycled Ironwood from Queensland is the focal point of the bluestone-clad cafe downstairs.

On a structural level, Workplace 6 is Australia’s first building to use concrete manufactured from recycled products. The high performance insulation used throughout the building is green-certified as manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting gases. Details such as custom-fitted carbon dioxide sensors and variable speed fans are employed in Darling Island Wharf to reduce the toxin emission and air pollution normally associated with buildings of this scale. As a result, fresh air supply is increased by up to 50% making it a healthier, safer space for the public.

Energy reduction is a significant factor in being green, and Doltone House have tackled this issue head on. In the kitchen, gas combi ovens that run on natural gas, have been installed while fridges and freezers will be insulated with thick panels to reduce energy consumption. Perhaps the most iconic innovation is the ‘watercool’ system, which captures heat rejected from Sydney harbour and transforms it into usable energy for the building’s water-cooling system. Environmental initiatives also extend to the site’s every day operation, including re-using blackwater for parkland irrigation and a tri-generation energy system – where heat, power and chilled water for air conditioning are produced by one single unit. While ‘greening’ a site of this scale adds an extra 15% to construction and fit-out cost, embracing the green approach at this level signifies Doltone House’s serious commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Have a look at the artists impressions.


For event inquiries you can contact Julie van der Weegen (Doltone House Venue Sales Manager)

Phone 02 8571 0622

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When you shouldn’t hyphenate your married name?

For many years now, bride’s are confronted with the decision of whether to keep their maiden name or except their husband’s family name.  I have even heard of a groom who took his wife’s surname as his own. 

My husband sent these newspaper clippings to me via email.  I thought they would be a bit of fun.

If unsure these clippings are just some examples of when you shouldn’t hyphenate your married name.  Enjoy 🙂

When you shouldn't hyphenate your married nameWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name1When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name2When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name3When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name4When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name5 copy copyWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name7When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name8When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name9 copy copyWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name10 copy copyWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name11 copy copyWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name12 copy copyWhen you shouldn't hyphenate your married name13When you shouldn't hyphenate your married name14

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Doltone House Wedding Showcase

Firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of presence on this blog.  I think just about everyone living in Sydney would agree that this has been the worst Winter in regards to sickness.  Everyone I know is sick with the flu, was sick with the flu or is coming down with it.  As for me it has been the worst Winter ever – bring on Summer!

Late last week I was contacted by Doltone House and asked if my readers might be interested in their wedding extravaganza called ‘A Night to Be Dazzled’.  I thought an evening of glitz, glamour and all things bridal might just be what the doctor ordered to bring some warmth back this winter!

The evening is being held at Doltone House – Jones Bay Wharf on Monday 10th and Tuesday the 11th of August from 5.30-9.30pm.

Here is a little more from Doltone House’s media release:

Providing an exclusive opportunity to mingle with the who’s who in the wedding world, ‘A Night To Be Dazzled’ delivers a veritable plethora of wedding specific information. From cakes and catering, to fashion and flowers, the experts will give guests an in depth insight to ensure their cherished milestone is made truly exceptional. Open to the public and with FREE admission, this is the ultimate, not to be missed bridal experience.

Guests will be drawn into the opulence and romantic charm of Doltone House as they enjoy live entertainment, exquisite fashion on the bridal runway with two shows planned each evening, bubbly and delicious canapés. The elegant harbour side atmosphere will come alive, providing a backdrop to a stunning journey; a visual spectacle set to ignite the imagination of prospective brides and grooms. The expert Doltone House wedding team will also be on hand to impart their inside knowledge to help make this event as extraordinary as a Doltone wedding itself.

“We take pride in the lengths we go to in order to help brides achieve their dream. At this showcase we have covered every detail to educate and importantly inspire prospective brides and grooms on how to make their day nothing short of magical,” Carmela Signorelli, Marketing Director, Doltone House Group comments.

Doltone House is renowned for delivering a wedding experience like no other.

Attendees of the wedding expo can expect the same passion, commitment and attention to detail that have secured Doltone House its position as thought leaders in the premier wedding market.

RSVP is essential, as space to this exclusive event is limited.

Visit the website to register online at

Doltone House is located at:

Jones Bay Wharf, Piers 19-21 Upper Deck 26-32, Pirrama rd, Pyrmont point.

Phone : 02 8571 0622

Doltone House bridal runway 

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